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   The Monayi T. Jacob, CPA practice started in 1993 on a small operating scale from Monayi’s (the founder and sole employee) home. On April 14, 1996, the business moved into an office space at CRS Towers located near downtown Dallas. On July 1, 1996, the practice was incorporated as a Professional Corporation (PC) and has been operating as such since then.
   In the primary days of incorporation, running the business was very difficult. The firm operated with one part time employee for two or three years and then began hiring full time employees. The staff spent long hours in the office on a daily basis, and Monayi even worked on the weekends continuously. The firm consistently maintained their endeavor to achieve financial freedom and develop professionally. Presently, there are four full-time employees (including Monayi). The clientele range from Healthcare clients under Medicare & Medicaid programs, Nonprofit Entities, and general clients scaling from small truck companies to doctor’s clinic, engineering firms, and merchandising companies.
    Services includes client write-ups, payroll services, tax filing for all types of clients, cost report preparation, consulting, serving as a part-time CFO for mid-sized companies, and interacting with in-house accountants.
    In 2004, the firm decided it needed to move into a larger space to smoothly run its business. After conducting a feasibility study on Leasing vs. Owning, the firm purchased one acre of land on Texas highway I- 30 near the former office to build an office. Furthermore, additional space was allocated in this purchase for future rent to help the firm in loan repayments.